Slenderman sighting

A picture hidden away in government archives. Notice Slenderman in the background.

Slenderman is a member of the CreepyPasta Anonymous, one of the five volunteers for Project Nevermore and one of the six protagonists of the series. He is also the heir to the Ender throne.

Original CreepypastaEdit

Slenderman was first documented by humans in the picture to the right. Since then, there have been numerous sightings, stories, and images of him, more than any other member of the CPA.


Slenderman comes from the race of Enders, humanoid creatures with completely white skin and no visible facial features. He comes from the ruling bloodline of the Slenders, and is therefore set to become the Enders' new leader once his father dies.

Slenderman was born sometime in the 1820s. He was raised as a prince, learning from private tutors how to lead and hunt. After he brought disgrace upon the Slender linage due to undisclosed mishaps, Slenderman was forced to leave in 1894, taking his betrothed, Slenderwoman, with him.

He and Slenderwoman had two children: Slenderboy and Slendergirl, who were twins, born in 1948. In 1987, Slenderman was caught cheating on Slenderwoman with Bloody Mary. The two divorced, with Slenderwoman taking custody of the children, and Slenderman keeping the family pet, As of 2013, Slenderman was dating Bloody Mary, despite what had happened between them.


Slenderman is a very serious