Jeff the killer

Perhaps the most iconic image of Jeff.

Jeff the Killer is a psychotic murderer and member of the CreepyPasta Anonymous.

Original CreepypastaEdit

Jeff the Killer's first appearance was in the story Jeff the Killer. He later reappeared in the sequel Jeff is Back.


When Jeff was young, only about eleven or twelve, he was almost burnt to death. After recovering from a coma, his eyelids were burnt away and his skin was white and leathery, and, perhaps most importantly, he suffered from severe brain damage. Once he got home, he murdered his family and carved a permanent smile into his face with a kitchen knife, which he has used to satiate his bloodlust since.

Recently, he began to recover from his brain damage, and sought after the CPA to help him deal with his guilt and fully recover his sanity.


Since regaining his sanity, Jeff has become the wild, rebellious young adult he would have been had he not been burnt.