The CreepyPasta Anonymous (CPA) is an support group that helps creepypasta characters, monsters, and mythical creatures with murderous tendencies to deal with the overwhelming guilt of killing people for a living.


The CPA was founded sometime in the early 1840s by Sir Phillip Ravensworth, the antagonist of Edgar Allen Poe's poem 'The Raven'. Since then, it has grown much larger, with many more members.


Sir Phillip Ravensworth - Founder

Boogeyman - Chairman

Jabberwocky - Treasurer

Slenderman - Member

Jeff the Killer - Member

Count Dracula - Member

The Rake - Member - Member

Bloody Mary - Member

Lenny - Member

Cthulhu - Member

Eyeless Jack - Member

Sally - Member

Jekyll/Hyde - Member

Chupacabra - Member

Jersey Devil - Member